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We provide professional services for all your welding-needs.


It’s no surprise that you can’t join metals with ordinary glue. But you can join them by melting them together in a process known as welding. The basic idea is simple: you apply a source of heat to melt the two metals so they fuse and form a secure joint. Usually, you add other materials as you apply the heat: a filler (which seals up any gaps) and a flux (which prevents the joint from weakening).



Welding can be a dangerous task. When not done properly, you could cause leaks, such as gas leaks. To prevent this from happening you need someone with a lot of experience for your Welding task, but also a good Inspector. A welding Inspector will check if the job was done properly and if it needs adjustments in any way. He will make sure the Welding is 100% perfect at the end of the project.



AvS Welding & Inspection

AvS Welding & Inspection is a company run by Arthur van Schooten.
A hard-working man with a passion for Welding.

In June 1999 he started his company as AvS Welding Services.
This has grown to be AvS Welding & Inspection since January 2014.


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